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Monday, December 05, 2005

Ben Ladner affair update

Latest on the Ben Ladner Affair (originally posted 31 October 2005):

The American University Board of Trustees (or rather, the Chair and Vice Chair of that august body) has responded to the Senate Finance Committee's request for information regarding the remuneration (or rather, REMUNERATION all capital letters) of former AU President Benjamin Ladner. The AU letter of 1 December 2005 is posted on Senator Grassley's page, as is Grassley's 2 December 2005 acknowledging memorandum to the effect that he intends to start kicking a few butts.

What the AU Trustees' letter essentially says is that a secret sweetheart deal was made with Ladner by the former Board Chair, and that the current Board, stuck in the predicament as they were, paid Ladner the Dane-geld to make him go away.

Go get 'em, Chuck!!!

Stay tuned for further developments.


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