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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sensibility Training

My postings have once again grown sparse, a consequence of multiple tasks and multiple deadlines and multiple distracting events (such as traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday). Lots of interesting stuff is happening, including negotiations for a few new gigs (for which I shall defer commenting upon at this time, until some remaining wrinkles get ironed out).

Thanksgiving, of course, signifies the beginning of the end of the Fall semester, which means that the task must begin -- very, very soon -- of composing the Final Exams. Without particularly knocking those of my colleagues in academia who pull all of their exam questions from the textbook publisher's test bank book, I will say that such is NOT my style. I am the author of the questions and problems that appear on my exam, a fact that has stymied more than one student who thought that he/she could take the easy way out by accessing the textbook's companion test bank publication. It doesn't work in the courses I teach.

All of the converging events and deadlines will likely limit my blogosphere activity for the coming month. But I shall try to throw in at least a few brief postings.

In such regard, it seems that there is a minor media feeding frenzy regarding entertainer Michael Richards and his use, in anger, of the word "nigger" to some African-American hecklers. I do not particularly condone his actions, and now take the position that he is a big boy and should be left on his own to deal with the consequences of the pickle he has gotten himself into. He has nobody but himself to blame for this one.

My comments are directed towards Jesse Jackson, whom Richards consulted in an attempt to cleanse himself. Jesse said that Richards "needs some race-sensibility training and some psychiatric help. His anger is volatile and dangerous to himself and others."

Fair enough! But I harken back to February 1984, when Jesse Jackson referred to Jewish people as "Hymies" and New York as "Hymietown." Did Jesse receive race-sensibility training and psychiatric help for this?


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