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Thursday, December 04, 2008

News Media Nomenclature

A. I heard some discussion on the radio in which the term "anti-AIDS activists" was used. Of course, those who might be labeled as "anti-AIDS activists" do constitute a diverse spectrum, so one cannot really apply any blanket generalizations to them.

But it seems to me that a fair number of individuals who would apply such a label to themselves do in fact engage in homosexual activity; and the engagement of multiple serial sexual partners is known to be very common among those who regularly practice homosexual activity.

Accordingly, aren't at least some of the purported "anti-AIDS activists" effectively PRO-AIDS activists?

B. Again on the radio, I heard the term "alleged Islamic militants" in connection with the Mumbai massacre. This was AFTER the Indian police had interrogated the surviving terrorist, who admitted that he came to Mumbai to commit terror with his group, in the name of Islam.

Why do they use the word "alleged" when it has already been established?

And, for that matter, why does the news media use the word "militants?" Why are they so reticent to use the word "TERRORISTS?"

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