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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Missed the Coronation

I was out of town for a few days. I basically had a good and productive time, though not without several hassles and frustrations. There was a rendezvous with some Obamatron relatives of mine who, notwithstanding their status as such, were quite pleasurable company. Above all, I was nowhere near Washington, and therefore avoided all of the hasslements of being in that city for Obama's big coronation event. [And, BTW, the situation could easily have turned disastrous with all of the crowds in the tunnel in Washington.]

One acquaintance of the family, whose husband is connected, went to Washington, cleared the security, and got a good seat at the coronation. Not everyone was so lucky (if getting to watch the coronation festivities can be called luck), and indeed, many Obamaniacs got screwed by the poor planning of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies. And they all still worship the very urinal where Obama pisses!

The meeting I attended (the primary impetus for the excursion) was quite good as far as such meetings go. A former business partner of mine came down with a very bad cold, so I scrubbed the get-together with him. But I caught what he describes as the same bug anyway, so now I'm trying to shake it before I start teaching in a few days.

I also got together with my brother, visited with some friends, did a little sightseeing and returned home a day earlier than planned.

It is now 2 AM, I am now mostly caught up on my correspondence, and now, after this posting, will try to get some sleep because there are several things on the agenda for later today.

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