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Friday, August 28, 2009


Been traveling, been in court, been busy.

Teddy Kennedy: Even during my liberal past, I never really, really got all excited about Ted Kennedy. I have long believed that he, and the others of his clan, were and are people of privilege who have tended to abuse their privileges. Having said this, and without in any way denying his big time major league character flaws, there are things that must be said in Edward Moore Kennedy's favor.

Specifically, even though he was the son of a virulent anti-semite, Ted Kennedy exhibited kindness and compassion towards Jews (and, for that matter, Israel) during his lifetime. He did use his privilege to save the life of at least one person, a refusnik from the former Soviet Union, who today is a productive and contributing American. And Ted Kennedy was pro-Israel because he understood Arab terrorism (having lost a brother to the bullet of an Arab terrorist).

For this, I am grateful to Ted Kennedy, and hope that these matters are taken into account by the One who ultimately judges him.

Again, this is my personal viewpoint. I do not and cannot in any way purport to speak for the late Mary Jo Kopechne or her family.

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