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Friday, March 04, 2011

Zsa Zsa Gabor's Standing in the Matter

Okay, so some of you will call this title's double entendre a cheap shot, but I think that it is quite appropriate under the circumstances, both current and historical.

I never really was able to classify Zsa Zsa Gabor. She is a poor excuse for an actress, a movie star or an entertainer. Those few of her appearances I happened to have watched on the lobotomy box were never anything memorable to write home about. And, in life off the stage, screen or tube, she is, by all credible accounts, a narcissistic, self-centered and inconsiderate boor.

But now she is in the news for her refusal to undergo a second leg amputation.

I will not second guess Zsa Zsa's (or anyone else's) decision as to the legitimate medical treatments she accepts or rejects. And, notwithstanding my low opinion of Zsa Zsa, I do empathize with her medical situation, having grown up with a grandfather who was an amputee and having seen the many difficulties he faced -- and overcame. It takes a special kind of courage and strength of character to deal with that type of thing. If, like Zsa Zsa, you do not have it, then there is little anyone can do to help you.

Having stated this, I cannot help but note that in 1983, when Zsa Zsa was performing live in Philadelphia, she insisted that a group of wheelchair users be removed from the front rows because she was repulsed at the sight of them. G-d works in strange ways, and now, Zsa Zsa, having lost one of her legs to gangrene, is herself now a person with a disability.

Apparently, as one who is repulsed by the very sight of people with disabilities, Zsa Zsa is now repulsed even by herself, and does not have what it takes to deal with life after the amputation.

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