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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dhimmi Apparatchik in Training

Matthew Carlson, a student at The College of New Jersey, has just been awarded a scholarship to study at the American University at Dubai for the upcoming Spring semester.

Said Carlson, "Dubai offers the best of both worlds for me as a student studying economics and Arabic. I will be able to continue my business education in an international financial center, and I will be able to improve my Arabic skills by experiencing the Gulf culture firsthand."

I basically believe that students studying in foreign lands is a good thing. I broadens the students' experience, builds cultural bridges, and teaches tolerance and appreciation. I happen to have had an exchange student from China enrolled in one of my classes this past semester.

But somehow, I cannot help but wonder what Carlson will do with his life once he graduates college and goes out into the world. Will he help to further the beneficial influence of American ingenuity and innovation, or will he become a dhimmi apparatchik facilitator of the Islamic agenda for world domination?

I hope for the former, but fear the latter. The fact that Carlson's scholarship is bankrolled by the William J. Clinton Foundation is not very encouraging.

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