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Friday, August 24, 2012

Paraclete or Kapo?

Like many, my sociopolitical Weltanschauung has evolved towards the right.  I shall not now detail the metamorphosis process which brought me from where I was to where I now am, other than to state that one major issue (though hardly the only one) which caused me to introspect and reevaluate myself was the frequent occurrences of Jewish liberals carrying the water for the enemies of the Jewish people, all in the name of social justice.

The issue rears its head in the news today.  It seems that Bernard Kleinman, the defense attorney for convicted terrorist Ramzi Yousef, now is trying to induce the legal system to end Yousef's solitary confinement at Supermax and allow him contact with others.  Kleinman wants the government to explain why Yousef is still a threat, such that solitary confinement is warranted.

I understand the need, in our criminal justice system, for defense attorneys to zealously advocate their clients' causes.  I understand that a lawyer's representation of a client does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of the client's views, positions or actions (I myself have professionally advocated, albeit not in a criminal context, positions with which I absolutely cannot personally identify).  I understand the importance of Constitutional due process, even though it is not always the most efficient way to do things.  And I understand that we lawyers all cannot have designer clients, and we must take the clients the way they are as they walk through the office door.

But to me, it is obvious that Ramzi Yousef is a very, very dangerous man, and his very interactions with other inmates may well inspire them to try to emulate his viciousness.

Bernard Kleinman has had a long career as a criminal defense attorney.  And while I know nothing about Bernard Kleinman's personal sociopolitical Weltanschauung, I just cannot help but wonder whether, and to what extent, he is another self-hating Jewish liberal who has crossed the line beyond zealous advocacy of the client' rights and into actually savoring the opportunity to do so (there is not a whole lot of wondering to do regarding whether Ramzi Yousef has been softened up by the example of a socially-conscious Jewish liberal who has tried to help him).

Put another way, would Kleinman have been a Kapo had he been in Auschwitz?


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