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Monday, February 06, 2017

Watching the 2017 Super Bowl

As noted on this Blog last year, I passed up the Super Bowl, what with the 10-hour time disconnect and my obligations the next day.

This year was different.  I got to watch it.  As noted in the prior posting to this Blog, I had a gig that ran through the end of January and that had prospects of an extension. Well, the gig was extended to the end of March.  One of the Vice Presidents of the company is an American and a football fan, so he made arrangements in the next town over (where he lives) for a company Super Bowl get-together.  Employing the legal fiction that the event held in the back room of the establishment was a private party, he was able to skirt the alcoholic beverage control ordinances and bring a few cases of beer, which the proprietor of the establishment obligingly put into his chiller before game time.

The company VP, as host of the event, was only too happy to nod and wink as members of the public joined in, and as the proprietor opened the track partitions separating the back room from the main dining area.

Approximate body count:  About 85 people total; 40 Americans, 15 Anglos from other places, 15 Israelis, and, perhaps a bit surprisingly, 15 from Former Soviet Union.  Of course, we gave the Russians grief about the Putin Super Bowl Ring incident.

Last year, I ducked out of the Super Bowl on account of my work obligations the next day.  This year, the company VP told us that he himself would not arrive at work until about 1:00 PM Israel time.  I arrived at about 1:45 PM, and the VP had yet to show.

Tomorrow we all play catch-up at work.



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