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Friday, December 16, 2005

Church vs. The Tax Man

To follow up on my post of 9 November, Marcus Owens, attorney for All Saints Church in Pasadena, has dispatched to the IRS a missive in which he points out what appear to be some very serious procedural flaws on the part of the IRS, which appears to have delegated the determination too far down the hierarchy. Sort of like the Admiral having the cook's mate decide whether to give the order to engage the fleet in battle.

For those who like waiting for long downloads, the Owens letter of 13 December 2005, with its many attachments, is posted on the All Saints Church website. For those with limited patience and/or computer memory capacity, the Church's press release of 14 December 2005, not so long of a download, gives most of the flavor Marc Owens's letter.

And though this particular church is totally and completely at odds with my political, social and religious beliefs and philosophies, I am more concerned about the IRS's abuse of its power than any moonbat idiotarian stunt the church can pull. Moonbats can always be dealt with, but not the IRS. So, politics and religion notwithstanding, I sure hope that the church doesn't lose this battle with the tax collector!


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