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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Obama's Israel Excursion

The mainstream media is now making a big to do over Senator Barack Obama's trip to Israel. But just who is facilitating this trip, and what is its real agenda?

Looking at some of the people mentioned in connection with Obama's trip can give us some indication.

Alan Solow, an official of the Chicago Jewish Community Relations Council, has likened Obama to Martin Luther King.

Robert Schrayer, long active in the Chicago Jewish Federation, became an early backer of Obama based upon their mutual pro-abortion and pro-gun control leanings.

It should, of course, be a dead giveaway that Obama's main sponsor from the Knesset is Tommy Lapid, leader of the stridently anti-religious Shinui Party.

The Chicago JCRC, like other local JCRCs, is and has long been pervaded by those with a moonbat political orientation, being recalcitrantly opposed, for example, to funding education through vouchers in the name of separation of church and state. [Query: Howcum they complain about how industrial monopolies stifle competition and oppress people, but insist upon governmental monopolies for education? All this in the face of the manifest failure of the public schools and success of the private schools (even the religion-based ones)?].

Conspicuous by their absence from Obama's trip to Israel are members of the religious Jewish community. Contrary to the images portrayed in the MSM, there are many Jews who oppose abortion, support the right to bear arms, and have no problem with religious values being taught in the public schools. In other words, there are Jews who have held onto true Torah values.

The religious Jews, by and large, are NOT the ones who are orchestrating Obama's trip to Israel.


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