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Friday, June 23, 2006

Lose Weight in the Voting Booth

There is now a Transportation Proposition on the ballot in the special election scheduled for 27 June 2006 in the Elwood School District. If the Proposition fails, then the kindergarten students would have to walk if they live within 2 miles of their school.

It is also noted that per the School Board minutes of 10 February 2005, the Board discussed policy regarding student health and nutrition. Board Member Julie Badlato suggested that scope of the program be expanded (that's the taxpayers' dollars there, Julie!) to include, inter alia, obesity.

The solution is obvious! The community should vote "NO" on the Proposition and make the kindergartners walk to school. This would (A) save the public tax dollars on bus transportation; and (B) give the kindergartners the opportunity to develop healthy physical activity habits so that they don't grow up to be overweight -- Without having to expend more school district dollars!

And to the parents of these kindergartners who do not want their kids to walk to school alone, I say accompany your kids on the walk to and from school, so that you can burn off all the calories and slim down your own big fat toochases as well!

Vote "NO" on the 27 June Transportation Proposition!!


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