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Monday, December 11, 2006

Conservative Judaism is Neither

A Letter to Members of Congregations of the so-called "Jewish Conservative Movement":

As surely you know, the so-called "Committee on Jewish Law & Standards" has effectively approved the ordination of practicing homosexuals and lesbians as Conservative "Rabbis." The Committee was careful to emphasize that anal sex is still -- for the time being -- prohibited, so if you want anal sex then you'll just have to go over to your local Reform temple for it. It seems that as a logical extension of its effort to include diverse opinions within its camp, the "Conservative Movement" is now trying to encompass all types of sexual styles and behaviors. While touting the availability of straight sex, French sex, Asian sex and golden showers would be appropriate (term used advisedly) advertising for a Nevada bordello ranch, it somehow just doesn't fit as an advertising theme for a religious movement, particularly one that would tout itself as a beacon of morality.

If you are uneasy with this new development, then your doubts are well founded. Many of you joined your "Conservative" congregation because you were not ready to take on the awesome Torah responsibilities and restrictions which are the norm in Orthodox Jewish congregations (like not driving on Shabbat), but you still want to cling to those old Jewish traditional values which the Reform temples have unabashedly discarded (at least the "Reform Movement" makes no real pretensions that it accepts the authority of the Torah).

But has the "Conservative" movement really sustained those traditional values? Does pandering to the lowest common denominator of the membership constitute true leadership? And, regardless of whatever personal weaknesses or shortcomings or evil inclinations may possess you, can you really respect the example of those who consistently pervert and mutate what should be known and respected standards from a Higher Authority? Is this the example you wish for yourself and your children and grandchildren? Do you not expect better from your leaders?

Quite bluntly, the "Conservative Movement" cannot be depended upon to maintain and uphold its standards. The "Conservative Movement" has given you misinformation. The "Conservative Movement" has gone back upon its word.

"Conservative Judaism" is not a stable isotope. What was treif yesterday is kosher today. And the very justification for "Conservative Judaism," maintaining traditional Jewish values, is being discarded as the Movement consistently and predictably follows the lead of the "Reform Movement." Clearly, "Conservative Judaism" is neither!

"Conservative Judaism" is continually reinventing itself, and re-evaluating its ties to traditional Jewish values. Perhaps it is time for you to re-evaluate your own ties with the "Conservative Movement." And if you decide to remain, can you not at least demand from your congregation's spiritual leadership a more consistent standard than the example set by the so-called "Committee on Jewish Law & Standards?"


  • At 22 February, 2007 17:33, Blogger Ben Plonie said…

    Hi, I came across your asking why Conservative Judaism is called that. It is because they are an offshoot of Reform, not Orthodox. When Reform went to a Jesus-less Christianity, some thought it worthwhile to 'conserve' a few Jewish odds and ends. For a while it claimed success as a oompromise, a halfway house between those on the way in and those on the way out. Now I don't know


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