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Friday, April 13, 2007

Never Mind Imus

Okay, so the Imus saga is monopolizing the front pages of the papers, and everyone seems to be talking about Don Imus.

I never was an Imus fan, and have no feelings for him one way or another. He has paid his dues over the years, and he is entitled to whatever he reaps, and he is a big boy (and a Marine) who can deal with the consequences of his own words and actions.

My problem with this Rutgers Women's Basketball affair is that those girls (they are still girls to this 50+ man) are still not public figures. If they were playing professionally, or running for public office, or trying to advance their careers as celebrities, then they would have been fair game for Imus's remarks. But they are college students who are involved in a college extracurricular activity (many for the scholarship funds to pay their tuition).

I will not now discourse on the ills of collegiate athletics, which is a separate issue altogether. Nor will I discuss the merits -- or glaring lack thereof -- associated with the substance of Imus's remarks.

But because those girls are not yet public figures, they are still entitled to their dignity and privacy. Imus violated it. There should be consequences for him.

And now there are!

The Imus case is now concluded!

My only comment is: What gives Jesse Jackson (of "Hymietown" fame) or Al Sharpton (who used racial polarization to foment the Crown Heights pogrom) the right or moral standing to complain about what Imus said?

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