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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Passover Greetings

Just a short Passover Greetings post, to wish everyone a happy and kosher Pesach. We are in the process of clearing out all of the chametz, which includes all fermented grain, which means the bread and whiskey and beer. For the first time, the seder will be at my own home (so I'm stuck with leading it). We're looking forward to it.

And remember that just as G-d performed miracles for us to bring us out of Egypt, He continues to work miracles for us even in our day.

[Note to the followers of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton: It took the Jewish people 40 years, in the desert, to cast off the indolent habits of slavery, after which we assumed the responsibilities of nationhood. Stop whining about slavery and start acting responsible! Can you not see that so many of your own people have taken up the responsibility of being free and independent, and are prospering right before everyone's eyes?]


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