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Friday, June 22, 2007

Garson Update:

The Dishonorable Gerald P Garson's request for a stay of his sentence has been denied, and he supposedly will surrender this coming Tuesday 26 June to start his time in the slammer.

But it's still only Friday. Don't bet the mortgage money that he'll actually report to the clink on Tuesday! His cancer might act up, or he may get too delirious from his ethanol abuse problem, or find some other excuse. 'Tis many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip. The only guarantee that Garson will serve time is if he actually serves the time.

UPDATE (23 June 2007):

I didn't get to read the 22 June issue of the New York Law Journal until after the computer was shut down for Shabbat, but on the first page, in the "In Brief" blurbs, it is reported that Garson has been given an extension to 5 July so that he can detoxify from his ethanol addiction prior to reporting to the slammer to serve his sentence.

On this one I have mixed feelings.

On one hand, it does little to adduce public confidence in the system. I have never really handled any criminal defense cases (except for two traffic violation matters which technically were criminal in nature), but my understanding is that extensions such as the one just accorded to His Dishonor are not available for the asking. Moreover, the New York State Department of Correctional Services does operate an 850-bed Willard Drug Treatment facility in Willard, NY, for nonviolent offenders. What's wrong with sticking Garson there?

On the other hand, Garson's clock doesn't start to tick for another 12 days, which means that he theoretically will remain in prison for an additional 12 days. And the condition of Garson's continuance, as I understand it, is that he be at an in-patient facility for his detox detail. Which means that the expense of the treatment should be underwritten from Garson's own purse and not by the taxpayers.

As mentioned earlier, "The only guarantee that Garson will serve time is if he actually serves the time." I stand by that statement.

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