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Friday, June 08, 2007

Miscellaneous Briefs

Got some papers to grade and work to catch up on, but here are some miscellaneous briefs, in no particular order:

A. The Dishonorable Gerald Garson was released on bail a few hours after he was led away from his sentencing in handcuffs. See prior post.

My speculation: On account of his health issues, perhaps Garson wants to figure out a way to not have to die while he is incarcerated. Brooklyn DA Hynes is continuing his investigation of corruption in the courts. Perhaps Garson and his attorneys are looking into ways for Garson to sing for his freedom.

B. On account of severe financial and budgetary problems, the NAACP is going into retrenchment mode, and will cut back on its staff and close some of its offices.

Hey, isn't this racist? Shouldn't Jesse and Fat Al and Barack Hussein Obama be leading the protest march?

C. Christopher Woods, of Harlem, is suing Novartis, claiming that after drinking Novartis's dietary supplement "Boost," he was afflicted with a persistent erection.

So, pray tell, just what is he complaining about?

If I were Novartis's CEO, I would litigate the case to its fullest, and charge the legal costs to advertising expenses. It would be money well spent!

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