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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Everson Neverson

Have been busy, occupied, off the streets and (arguably) out of trouble these past 2 weeks, what with the Thanksgiving excursion, and composing my Final Exam. The next 2 months promise to be similarly engaging, but some of the projects and ventures to which I have obligated myself will likely be exciting and enjoyable (and physically exhausting, no doubt).

This blog's posting of 20 April 2007 contains the following paragraph:

"In other IRS news, IRS Commissioner Mark Everson will soon step down to become CEO of the American Red DoubleCross. Commissioner Everson brought about some much-needed reforms to the IRS, and can be expected to do some much-deserved toochaskicking at the American Red Cross. I wish him the best of luck, because he will need it."

Well, Everson never made it to the six-month mark. He took command of the Red Cross on 29 May 2007, and "resigned" yesterday after the Red Cross board learned that he had "engaged in a personal relationship with a subordinate employee." In the interim, he brought aboard his acting successor at the IRS, Kevin Brown, as COO of the ARC.

I had high expectation for Mark Everson. But, like so many, his personal weaknesses got the better of him. I feel bad for Mr. Everson, but he has only himself to blame for this misadventure.

Without getting too deeply into the morality issues here, it is noted that the workplace, particularly a large organization, is a social system as well as whatever else it may be. Social relationships play a role in the function of the organization, and misdirected social relationships can spawn much ill will, which can impede the better functions of the organization. It cannot be said that office romances are solely the personal affairs of the romancing parties, for such relationships wreak broad consequences.

The foregoing comments are nothing novel or unusual, and would not have been posted, except that in light of the mention of Everson in the 20 April posting, I now need to own up to my bad investment of sorts (though, quite fortunately, I lost no money in the deal). But maybe I shouldn't have been too optimistic regarding the smooth and orderly operation of an organization such as the American Red DoubleCross.

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