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Friday, January 18, 2008

Valor of Israel

This blog was never intended to be a "me, too" type instrumentality. Everyone seems to love to talk about their trip to Israel, and my wife and I are no exception. Without in any way detracting from anyone's "I had/am having a great time in Israel" blog, this posting will not dwell upon the minute details of our great time in Israel, other than to definitively and unequivocally state that our excursion here has been, and continues to be, enjoyable, meaningful and inspiring (and physically draining as well).

Instead, this posting will spotlight the Israeli people with whom we have been most privileged to meet.

Imprimis, on 15 April 1942, King George VI collectively bestowed the “George Cross” upon the people of Malta for their bravery under siege by the German forces. The valor of the Maltese people is certainly beyond question, but the people of Israel have been under siege for more than half a century. The missiles directed towards Israel are not only Kassem rockets or rocks thrown by unruly Arabs, but also diplomatic diktats by world leaders and, not the least, the attitudes of the news media.

It is one thing for an American or Canadian farmer to plant a field along the US-Canadian border (as many do). But for an Israeli farmer to cultivate a field up to Israel's border with any one of its neighbors -- that takes real bravery and dedication! So we can only admire – and support – the Israeli people we have met who not only farm their fields up to the border, and not only live in communities there, but live normal lives, despite the prospects of the Kassem rockets coming from over the fence.

As for the people now living in the Holy City of Jerusalem (to which we expect to revisit before returning to America), that they can live normal lives is quite amazing. Yet, they do, year in and year out, despite the 60 year barrage of bombs and missiles and diplomatic diktats. The people of Israel warrant our support.

[Disclosure: Our own backing for Israel is more than verbal or financial – Our son is currently studying in the Holy City of Jerusalem (and, though other factors play into the mix, the opportunity to visit him has been a major consideration behind our trip here).].

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