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Monday, February 09, 2009

A Gold Star Mother Scorned

Now that Barack Hussein Obama has derailed the trial of the terrorist suspects who bombed the U.S.S. Cole, the mother of one of the victims is having second thoughts about having voted for Obama.

Gold Star Mother Diane McDaniels, whose son, Seaman James Roderick McDaniels, was killed in the bombing, has refused to meet with Barack Hussein, and now regrets voting for him.

My compassions go out for Ms. McDaniels. The derailment of the trial must surely be taking its toll on her and her family. She has already paid a steep price to the terrorists.

I will now post, in writing, that which many have been hinting at, but which is just too politically incorrect to say.

Ms. McDaniels is an African-American (as, of course, was her son).

Might she, perchance, have voted for Barack Hussein Obama on account of his race? Might she have judged him by the color of his skin instead of the content of his character?

I in no way gloat at Ms. McDaniels's predicament. In my younger years, I, too, voted for a candidate because he was a lantsman, overlooking some serious character traits which surfaced to severely disappoint and demoralize me.

I truly empathize with Diane McDaniels. And, no less, I respect her for her willingness to admit a mistake.

May she and her family -- and other proud Americans too -- soon see justice done to the memory of James Roderick McDaniels and the other U.S.S. Cole victims!

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