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Friday, April 16, 2010

Is this anything Earth-Shattering?

There seems to have been an upsurge in seismic activity over the past few weeks, what with the big earthquake in China, a minor earthquake in Israel, earthquakes in Spain, Baja California, Sumatra, the Andaman Islands, Solomon Islands, Chile, et cetera.

And, the volcanoes are erupting. In addition to the one in Iceland that has disrupted transatlantic travel, the Redoubt Volcano in Alaska has erupted, as has Mt. Etna, and volcanoes in Indonesia and Japan.


1. Might G-d be sending us all some sort of message? Or, conjecturing to the extreme, might the effective shutdown of aviation traffic be part of G-d's plan to thwart terrorists who now actively seek to come to America to do mischief? Perhaps we'll never know.

2. Regardless of whether and to what extent this affects global temperatures, and what greenhouse gases are or are not released into the atmosphere, what is the official party line from the global warming priesthood and its acolytes? Is this upswing in seismic activity due to human activity? Might the proper legislation and international treaties have prevented it and/or control it in the future?

Just wondering!

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