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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Checking In

By "checking in," I refer not to soon-to-be-ex Congressman Anthony Weiner's checking into a rehab facility, but rather, to me just checking in with this brief posting to assure everyone that I am still alive, well and functional. The whole month of June is busy for me this year, what with teaching, law practice, editorial submission deadlines, and lots of personal things. Scheduling was not made any simpler by the Festival of Shavuot, which was last Wednesday and Thursday (though my wife and I did enjoy the holiday immensely). Depending upon how my schedule plays out, there might or might not be further postings of any substance this month.

I really, really, was not intending to post anything on the Weiner story. I don't live in his district, and wouldn't vote for him if I did. His actions speak for themselves, and the less said about him, the better (though the demand by Nancy Pelosi for an ethics investigation provided some much-needed comic relief).

What amazes me is not the media feeding frenzy on him so much as the public obsession with the story. One of our house guests this past Shavuot (known as "He" in past postings) has, to say the least, a fascination with politics. And, having arranged access to the newspapers before the Shavuot holiday, "He" was reading them, and all that "He" could talk about was Weiner, Weiner and more Weiner. Hey, enough already!!

But like the proverbial broken clock, which tells the correct time twice each day, the New York Times got this one right. They buried the story of Weiner's wife's alleged pregnancy somewhere on page 20-something.

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