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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Negotiating with Terrorists

Seems that French President Nicolas Sarkozy now threatens to recognize a so-called "Palestinian" state if Israel doesn't restart the negotiations.

Never mind such would amount to suicide on the part of Israel, and never mind that there is no such thing as the "Palestinian People," and never mind that Israel has the right, nay, the duty, to exist in the land G-d gave the Jewish people.

But if indeed Israel is "occupying" the land of Judea and Samaria (never mind that the land is not occupied, but liberated), then Sarkozy has some of his own negotiating to do regarding the separatist political movements in some of the lands which France now occupies. These include the Occitans, Corsicans, Basques and Bretons. This does not even begin to address the overseas lands occupied by France as an oppressive colonial power, including but not limited to Wallis & Futuna and French Guiana.

So come on, Sarko, get your toochas to the negotiating table!

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