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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Flagging the Fourth of July

I'm at home today, the Fourth of July, doing paperwork and avoiding the crowds and the traffic.

Seems that a goodly number of real estate salespeople, from diverse realty offices, have a gimmick to get their name in front of the populace: Planting minature American flags on people's lawns (with a business card, of course).

The prospect of a slide down the slippery slope of crass commercialism is marginally troubling, but it IS nice to drive, walk, run or bicycle down the street and see all the flags at the curbsides. And if it takes some good old American commercialism to make it happen, then that is not such a bad thing!

I was out riding my bike today for a good workout. I was riding down a marginal road by one of the the main streets here. The marginal road, of course, has all of the homes, and it is separated from the main highway by a long traffic island, planted with trees and grass. On the traffic island I saw an American flag on the ground. So I put on the brakes, turned around, picked up Old Glory and stood it up straight, then saluted it and continued on my way.

That's really all there is to report from here. It isn't much.

But in some respects, it really IS a big thing!

Happy Birthday, America!!!

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