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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Confirmation of my Observation

As those of you who follow the Lagniappe's Lair blog have been informed, I had a brief but delightful meeting with Murphy's Law during my current visit to Washington. Unfortunately, Murphy was back guarding the Lair, and accordingly, not in on the rendezvous.

The prior posting on this Blog is dated Tuesday 16 August at 3:01 AM. This is the time as reckoned for the Greenwich Prime Meridian (known in military parlance as "Zulu Time"). Subtract 5 hours to get the time for the Eastern United States. The prior posting was done on Monday night.

At the time of the prior posting, I had not read the Washington Times for Tuesday 16 August 2011. On the last page of Section C (it would have been Page 10 if it were numbered) is the article by Patrick Hruby entitled "Obama Souvenir Sales in Tailspin," which effectively confirmed the observations and conclusions of the prior posting to this Blog. I noticed that the quantities of Barack Hussein Obama trinkets and paraphernalia on display in the hotel gift shop were plentiful, made inquiry to the woman at the cash register as to how well they were selling, and the woman confirmed to me that the sales were on the sparse side. I posted it on this Blog. The Washington Times provided confirmation. But you read it here first!

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