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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Evil in Oslo

There is no question that Anders Behring Breivik is truly an evil person.

This is not to say that his observations and analyses of the problem are totally without merit. Indeed, the Norwegian Labor Party's policies of deference to the Muslims have, among other things, facilitated threats and attacks against Jewish families and businesses in Oslo and Stavenger.

But Anders Behring Breivik is truly an evil person, and I do not applaud his lethal actions in the least. My empathies are with the victims, regardless of whatever connections they may have had to the Labor Party in general, and its policies of dhimmitude in particular.

But let's compare and contrast the attitudes towards Breivik with those towards the Muslim terrorists. How many liberal-thinking individuals and organizations give pass to the Muslim terrorists on account of the perceived sins of their targets? If you say justify the actions of the Hamas terrorists who fire rockets at civilian targets in Israel because of Israel's policies towards the so-called Palestinians, then why shouldn't it be acceptable to justify Breivik's actions on account of the Muslims' actions against the indigenous peoples of Europe?

And I note that the judge in Norway has remanded Breivik to 8 weeks of solitary confinement with no communications to the outside. If you complained about imprisoning the Muslim terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, then you should be up in arms about this unjust treatment of Breivik! How many of those who now applaud Breivik's solitary confinement were out demonstrating that Gitmo should have been closed?

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