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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Warding Off the NYPD

As noted here, here and here, Michael Ward, the FBI Special Agent in Charge in Newark, is now saying that the New York Police Department's monitoring of suspicious Muslim groups and individuals in New Jersey has compromised the FBI's efforts to reach out to the Muslim community.

There may well be some validity in Ward's contentions. But it is noted that the NYPD fully appreciates, and tries to fully utilize, its intelligence-gathering skills, and, to such end, has liaison officers stationed nationally and internationally, including but not limited to London, Tel Aviv and Hong Kong.

Ward is whining that the NYPD didn't fully apprise his people and others of the Joint Task Force of NYPD's activities in Ward's geographical territory. It has been characterized as a turf war, which it may well be.

But wait a minute! In order for the FBI to effectively do its intelligence work so well, it really, really needs to be above such pettiness. More to the point, why didn't the NYPD tell the FBI of its particular intelligence-gathering activity?

Could it be that the NYPD's trusted and reliable colleagues in its sister law enforcement agencies were not so trusted or reliable?

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