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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Missing Words

In keeping with Jewish tradition, for the first year after my Dad's passing (actually, the first 11 months, but now we're getting a bit complicated) I am not going out of my way to listen to music.  This doesn't mean that I do not hear music, or that I run for cover whenever music is played; it just means that I will not play my piano, go to concerts, put a music CD in the player, bring up any music files on the computer to listen to while doing work, or take any other affirmative steps to hear or play music for my own pleasure.

So the only other things available on the radio while driving are the talk stations and the news stations.  I tune into the all-news ones because they give traffic reports every 10 minutes.

Today, of course, was September 11th, so the ceremony at Ground Zero was covered extensively (as it should be).

But two words I did not hear were "Muslim" or "Islam."

And those two words (or at least one of them, inasmuch as they actually are different forms of the same word) are the key to the event that was commemorated.

Never forget!  Never forgive!  Remember what happened or you will give the enemy a big victory!


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