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Monday, March 11, 2013

Annotating Serrano the Sycophant

The publication City & State is not noted for being too far to the right on the political spectrum (and in fact, it was introduced to me by a liberal Democrat, Henry J. Stern, who had served as a New York City Councilman and as the NYC Parks Commissioner).

But City & State often is able to rise above politics and call things as they are.  Accordingly, the leftward slant of many associated with C & S is largely irrelevant.

Congressman Jose Serrano, on the other hand, is a fawning, sycophant "Hate America First" dhimmi who was so quick to kiss the toochas on Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez's dead body with a press release praising Chavez's supposed good works.  City & State has annotated Serrano's press release.

Here it is.

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