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Monday, March 25, 2013

Chag Sameach Pesach, 5773

Been extraordinarily occupied, and in a few hours the sun will set and the Festival of Passover will be upon us.

Nothing fancy planned, but my wife and I, individually and collectively, are looking forward to some time away from the demands of our respective professions.  Obviously, I have been quite busy with my usual holiday preparations, including going up into the attic to get the Pesach dishes; my wife has likewise been very preoccupied with the rearrangement of the kitchen, cooking and setting the table.  Even when we keep it simple it is very involved.

But we enjoy it.

And we will have a few guests.

I have nothing profound to post which has not been expressed by others elsewhere.  I have lots of papers to grade, and a few deadlines coming up.  And so, I will wish all a Chag Sameach Pesach, and L'Shanah HaBaah B'Yerushalayim  -- A happy Passover festival, and Next Year in the Holy City of Jerusalem!

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