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Friday, December 06, 2013

Leave Without Pay -- And With

I do not know what really happened in this "He said, She said" dispute between a police officer and her department, a dispute that is now in the courts.  I shall let the legal system get to the bottom of it all before pronouncing any judgment.

What I will note, however, is that Officer Dolores Sharpe, having been charged with resisting arrest, has been placed on leave without pay.

Fine and dandy!

But what about all of those wrongdoing public officials (Lois Lerner comes immediately to mind) who get placed on leave WITH pay pending the outcomes of their cases?

They ALL should be placed on leave WITHOUT pay, and if they are exonerated, then they should have their lost pay restored to them.

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  • At 08 December, 2013 12:50, Blogger juvat said…

    coDon't know enough about the officer's situation to have an intelligent opinion. Lois Lerner, on the other hand, should be incarcerated without bail until her trial, if for no other reason than betrayal of the public trust.

  • At 08 December, 2013 17:06, Blogger Expatriate Owl said…

    Lois Lerner is one of many who should be held without bail -- and, more importantly, without collecting their salaries from the public trough.


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