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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Honoring Just One Soldier

Went to a funeral a few days ago.  The departed, a member of our congregation, was up in years and down in health.  We gave her a proper burial, for which the family is quite grateful.  As far as funerals go, this one was not particularly remarkable (this said without in any way negating or minimizing the importance of the decedent's life deeds).

But near where we buried the deceased, I noticed a gravestone for a soldier killed in action during WWII.  My camera was in my car, so, then and there, I decided to honor just one fallen soldier.  I snapped a photo of the gravestone, and then posted it on Find A Grave.

Barack Hussein Obama continues to diss America's veterans, and our fallen war heroes.  I know that I have done the right thing by honoring one of them.  And if a presidential insult to one is an insult to all, then surely a humble citizen's according of honor to one is an honor to all.

I have honored just one American soldier, and by doing so, have honored all of our soldiers and vets.

To all of the men and women now serving in uniform, remember that we are behind you all the way!

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