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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Release and Die

            In the posting of 14 August 2011, I stated the following:

            "I am, of course, rather skeptical regarding medical death prognoses for ill prisoners. Susan Atkins was supposed to have only 3 months left when she petitioned the California Parole Board for compassionate release, and she lived another year-and-a-half.  Abdelbaset Ali Mohmet al-Megrahi, the "Lockerbie Bomber," was released on "compassionate" grounds because he was given 3 months to live, and, nearly 2 years later, is still alive and revered as a hero in Libya."

            [Note:  Mohmet al-Megrahi persisted for another 9 months before he stopped wasting the world's precious oxygen.].

            Now we have another "compassionate" release of a criminal.  Lynne Stewart, who, who supposedly has less than 18 months, has been sprung, with the approval of the Bureau of Prisons and U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara (who is not particularly reputed to be a wimp).  If indeed she has Stage 4 breast cancer that has metastasized to her lungs and bones, then she will not exceed the 18 month goal line by much if indeed she does reach it.

            My personal view is that she should have been left where she was behind bars (albeit in a specialized prison medical facility).  But if the BOP and the US Attorney are not putting up too much of a fuss at Lynne Stewart's release, then neither will I.  And no, I do not wish cancer upon anyone.

            Judge Koeltl has decreed that Lynne Stewart will be released from prison.  The judicial compassion of Judge Koeltl does not particularly debase my respect for the criminal justice system, particularly when I can confidently foresee Ms. Stewart being held to account, very soon, by a Judge on an Infinitely Higher Bench.

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  • At 01 January, 2014 14:31, Blogger Murphy's Law said…

    I'm still not happy about it. She has zero remorse and mocked the courts and her sentence at every chance. Se still believes that she did nothing wrong and this will be seen as a win for her America-hating followers.

  • At 01 January, 2014 15:29, Blogger Expatriate Owl said…


    But the lefties are now hurting. Barack Hussein Obama is viewed by many as damaged goods, and more will jump aboard that bandwagon as they find their healthcare coverage dwindling away. The efficacy of the leftist leaders of labor is now being questioned by the union members whose job and income security they have failed to protect. The acolytes of the gloom and doom global warming are, as this posting is typed, frozen in the ice in Antarctica (where it is the summer season).

    The heroes of the left are being tarnished. And the useful idiots of the left, governed as they are from an external locus of control, are now looking for replacements.

    All else being equal, Lynne Stewart will have a lesser stature as a martyr in the leftist pantheon if she dies outside of the prison than if she dies while incarcerated.

    Besides, the (Un)Affordable Care Act summarily exempts prison inmates from the insurance requirement; citizens in free society will need to navigate the paperwork maze to qualify for their exemptions.


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