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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Inequality and the NYPD

Today's Quote of the Day (selected by the City & State website people) is from New York City Commissar Mayor Bill de Blasio:

" I don’t tell the NYPD how to do their work when it comes to protecting me—they’re the experts. I respect that. So, in any given moment, they may see something I don’t see. They may act in a way that isn’t immediately understandable to me. But they’re trained to handle things in a certain way."

This comment refers to the Mayoral Motorcade being observed violating multiple traffic laws, even as de Blasio attempts to ram legislation through City Council to lower the speed limits in New York City.

Very interesting, Bill!  You seem to have no trouble micromanaging New York's Finest when they try to protect the public from terrorism.

So it is one standard for Comrade Bill and the Nomenklaturaniks in his Politburo, and another standard for the rest of us.

So this is what he means by the Tale of Two New Yorks and the inequality crisis?

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