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Monday, February 17, 2014

The Meat of the Matter in Denmark

As one who abides by the kosher dietary laws, I do personally take notice of Denmark's new edict to prohibit kosher slaughter, ostensibly grounded in a supposed concern for not causing pain to animals (but many, myself included, read some other agenda into it).

Fact is that kosher slaughter severs the jugular vein, causing instantaneous death to the animal.

I shall not now dwell on the arguments pro and con regarding kosher slaughter ("shechita" in Hebrew), or regarding vegetarianism or veganism.  I will, however, note the irony in the recent death of another animal in Denmark, namely, Marius the Giraffe at the Copenhagen Zoo.

Something is not kosher in this new Danish governmental edict.

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  • At 17 February, 2014 12:26, Anonymous Robert the Biker said…

    There might be many reasons, hangwringing lefties, militant veggies, bambi-ists who think food really does come pre wrapped in stores, but I will go with another and perhaps more obtuse explanation. Denmark does not have a vast number of Jews, but there IS an increasing number of muslim shitheads. The muslim (Halal) slaughter is anything but neat and clean, but if the Danes ban it, we get the usual bleats of 'its our culture' and' the Jews do it, why cant we, rayciss, rayciss, bleat, whine'
    So, the Jews get to take one for the team, so the muslims can be locked out.
    My two cents.

  • At 17 February, 2014 14:47, Blogger Expatriate Owl said…

    Yes, Robert, your point is well-taken and has much validity, and certainly occurred to me when writing the post.

    But, as a practical matter, will it really lock the Muslims out?

    The greater problem is that we have already taken one for the team, numerous times, throughout the centuries. And that was even before we not too long ago took six million for the team.

    And Kerry and Barack Hussein are still asking us to take a lot more for the team.

  • At 17 February, 2014 15:31, Anonymous Robert the Biker said…

    Ahhh.....but the difference is, NONE of the 6000 Jews in Denmark are affected one little bit, there are no kosher slaughterhouses in the country so there is no change whatever to the lifestyle in place.
    The muslims on the other hand, are increasing their population and will find their abhorrent practices curtailed from the get-go as they no longer have any basis for complaint; " look" the Danes say," we banned kosher, so we can't allow you special privileges as it's unequal treatment"
    One can hope, anyway.

  • At 17 February, 2014 18:56, Blogger Expatriate Owl said…

    True, Robert.

    There are just too many Jewish people around who are still hung up to one extent or another over having gotten screwed in the not-so-distant past (though my own hangups are not so much the Nazi holocaust as my experience as a member of the single-digit Jewish population (absolute numbers) in my junior high school).

    What is really sobering is that my perspective and yours may each be equally and mutually valid.


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