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Thursday, January 09, 2014

Easy to Protest

About two hours ago I heard a big commotion.  Some leftist protesters were beating their drums (literally), complaining about homelessness and various other social injustices, in front of Prime Minister Netanyahu's residence, which is just a few blocks away from where we are staying in the Holy City of Jerusalem.

[We are here for a few days on pleasure, and perhaps, a little business.  We, of course, will be visiting our son, who has been here for a while and will likely remain a while longer.  Our trip was very uneventful (which is the way I like it); the most notable aspect of it being that we escaped the supercold temperatures that all of the global warming cultists are now trying to explain their way out of.].

 As the sun was coming up this morning, I did my workout run in the streets of the Holy City of Jerusalem.  I had occasion to encounter a few other runners doing their workouts.  We could do it in safety.  

Of course, there were soldiers and police officers overseeing the whole affair in front of Bibi's house.  And of course they were and are armed.  But it was basically a non-violent protest (albeit more than a bit elevated in decibel level).  Not that I am a particular fan of Bibi Netanyahu, but under the rule of law in the State of Israel, the protesters will not be killed; the nonviolent ones will not be locked up in jail (or if they are, they will be walking in a few hours); there will be no retaliation against them and their families; they will be free to do another protest some other evening.

Let them try a nonviolent protest in Cairo, or Damascus, or Teheran, or Tunis, or Benghazi, or Havana, or, … well, you get the picture.

Greetings to you from the Holy City of Jerusalem! 

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