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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Never mind Kaci, what about Ted?

The more that comes out about Kaci Hickox, the more questionable she becomes.

But neither should the government be excused from all questions in its handling of Kaci in particular, and of Ebola in general.

The Maine health officials had sought a court order to compel Kaci to distance herself from others by at least three feet for the duration of the 21-day incubation period.  Had the order been granted, Kaci would have been allowed to go biking or jogging outside.  In my opinion, that struck a reasonable balance between public safety concerns and Kaci's Constitutional rights.

But, as just about every non-comatose American knows by now, the judge ruled against the State of Maine and Kaci now has no movement restrictions.

I am, of course, concerned for the health of the population of Maine no less than I am for the Constitutional rights of Kaci Hickox.  If Hizzonor called that one wrong, and Kaci actually comes down with Ebola, then not only will the people of Maine and beyond be in danger for their health, but the Constitutional rights of everyone will be imperiled from what will be the reluctance of any court anywhere in America to take chances.

So I now wait and see, and pray for the health of Kaci Hickox.

I do have one question for the Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention, however.  You people were so quick to lawyer up and go to court to try to restrain Kaci's movements.  You tried to keep her at least 3 feet away from everyone.  But what about Kaci's boyfriend, Ted Wilbur?  Why didn't you try to impose similar restrictions upon him?  How sure are you that Ted has been keeping 3 feet away from Kaci?  If he has been getting closer than 3 feet, then is he not also a menace to the public health?


Methinks that your Ebola management program is too light on public health, and too heavy on politics.


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