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Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 11th, and the Terrorists Still Conspire

 This posting is in memory of the Americans who died on September 11, 2014.  Never forget!!  Never forgive!!

I have been, and will continue to be for the coming weeks or perhaps months, amidst a particularly pressing period of personal and professional programming (to wax alliterative).  Not posting as often as usual, but still here.

Today, September 11th, my schedule includes a morning conference that happens to be a few blocks from the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan.  It will likely be quite crowded, an even bigger bolagon then Lower Manhattan is under normal circumstances.

In keeping with the September 11th theme, I note that home-grown terrorist Marcos Alonso Zea has taken a plea deal to limit his incarceration to 25 years instead of a potential life sentence. 

Zea decided to travel to Yemen to join Ansar al-Sharia, Al-Qaida's affiliate there.  He didn't have a Yemen visa, so he was turned back in London, and returned to New York.  He then continued to prep for terrorism activity, and his co-conspirator was arrested at Idlewyld Airport (now known as JFK Airport in New York City, but to me it is still Idlewyld).  Zea learned that he, too, was under investigation, and "caused electronic media on his computer to be destroyed in an effort to obstruct the investigation. Despite his efforts, a forensic examination of Zea’s electronic media subsequently conducted by investigators revealed an assortment of violent Islamic extremist materials, including issues of Inspire magazine, part of AQAP’s English-language media operations."

My question:  Where are the forensic examiners who found the goods on Zea's computer?  There are some computers at the IRS that need examination.


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