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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Which Part of "Dead" does Wells Fargo Not Understand?

            My sister passed away a few months ago, and while she is now in Very Secure Hands, the affairs of her past worldly existence now rest upon my shoulders as the Executor of her Estate.  Her neighbor came north a few weeks ago with a box of papers and documents that had been in my sister's apartment.  One of the items was a credit card from Wells Fargo, issued to my sister not long before her passing.

            I called up Wells Fargo for the purpose of informing them of my sister's demise, and apprising them that the account should be placed in lockdown.   There apparently are no charges on it, inasmuch as none of my sister's mail forwarded to me contained any statements for that particular credit card account (though there were other accounts, credit card and otherwise, reflected in the forwarded mail).

            The Wells Fargo representative airhead on the other end of the line insisted that she could not make any changes or adjustments to the account unless I send an original certified specimen of my Letters of Appointment as Executor.

            Understand that I do not seek any funds from that account, and that I don't even seek any information about the account.  All I want them to do is allow no future charges against an account that, by all indications, has been inactive anyway!

            [It is theoretically possible that this single sample of one may be a fluke incident.  I have tentatively rejected the fluke hypothesis, however, because, within the past 36 hours, I had another conversation with another person where Wells Fargo people have operated at a similarly abysmal level of competence.].

            I have mailed out a letter to Wells Fargo, including a photocopies (not certified originals) of my sister's death certificate, and of my Letters of Appointment.  In the unlikely event that any charges are or have been racked up to that credit card following my sister's passing, they shall not be paid.

            My sister would not have had it any other way.

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  • At 09 December, 2014 18:18, Blogger Momma Fargo said…

    Very sorry for your loss. Those situations are never easy. When my dad died, I was in charge of his affairs at a very young age. I tackled things with humor. A lady called for him (one I think he might have been fond of) and that was no fun telling her the news. It was, however, entertaining when people just didn't get it and then my abrasive dry humor came out. I smiled knowing my dad would appreciate it.

  • At 09 December, 2014 18:54, Blogger Expatriate Owl said…

    Thanks for the condolences. As you can appreciate, this is a difficult time for the family.

    My sister could wield quite well her own abrasive dry humor, and would certainly endorse mine wholeheartedly in the situation.


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