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Friday, August 14, 2015

Malignancy is as Malignancy Does

My wife's medical practice in the States entailed more than just a few patients who have certain forms of cancer, and so, her face was not unfamiliar in the Oncological areas of the hospital where she practiced.  She is soon slated to begin her new job here in Israel (she has already gone in unofficially for some paperwork and for some seminar training sessions), and will likely have at least some patients with cancer issues. 

Between the stories my wife tells me, and firsthand observation of more than a few friends and relatives, I appreciate cancer for the horrible affliction it is.  Accordingly, I do not wish cancer on anyone.

And so, I shall not celebrate, jubilate, or gloat over ex-President Jimmy Carter's announcement that he now is battling cancer.  I only ask that he stay true to his principles by seeking treatments for his malady from his friends the Arabs, and by boycotting any cancer treatments or medications that were developed in Israel, the country he unabashedly despises and whose eradication he still actively pursues even in his retirement from the Oval Office.

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