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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Racism and the NYC Transit Strike

Remember how the moonbats were singing their song about how the response to Hurricane Katrina was racist? Despite the rantings of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and all the other whiners, the official morgue tally indicates that Katrina took WHITE casualties in numbers disproportionate to the population!

But if the Katrina response had racist implications, then let me suggest that the same can be said about the current New York City transit strike, which is adversely affecting the livelihood of the b-l-a-c-k community. This is especially so because disproportionate numbers of b-l-a-c-k people and other Downtrodden Disadvantaged Minority Group Members (DDMGMs) hold workforce positions where employment alternatives to physically appearing at work, such as telecommuting or using vacation time, are not viable options. The professional in a law or accounting firm can often telecommute, but the menial laborer cannot.

And the longer the transit strike continues, the more economic and social damage will be inflicted upon the DDMGMs.

So howcum Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are supporting the transit strike?

And, pray tell, does it really matter to the DDMGM whether his or her family's suffering from the transit strike's economic and social havoc can be attributed to racism without running afoul of the official Political Correctness regulations?


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