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Sunday, July 15, 2007

More Miscellaneous Briefs

A. Ex-Judge David Gross Pleads Guilty

Well, another black-robed bench bum is headed to the Big House. The Dishonorable David Gross, formerly a judge in the Nassau County, New York, District Court, has pleaded guilty to a money laundering conspiracy charge. The US Attorney's office is gunning at a sentence in the 37 to 46 month range (though he theoretically faces up to 20 years).

Gross's behavior on and off the bench was questionable, ranging spraying with a water hose the police detective who came to investigate a complaint that Gross was showering nude in his back yard with his children present, to keeping the jury deliberating on September 11, 2001 after the Muslim terror attacks.

The Newsday story on him carried a quote from one of Gross's former colleagues:

"I wouldn't characterize him as the top legal mind, but he worked hard at what he did," said Michael DerGarabedian, a Rockville Centre attorney who worked closely with Gross for years. "I would characterize him as a person who talked too much, and probably talked himself into something that he shouldn't be involved in. That's just the way he was. ... He never shut up."

Okay, so Gross isn't the brightest bulb in the chandelier. Maybe this is just as well. Imagine how much damage he might have done if he were brilliant!

B. High School Terrorists:

The previous posting on the Second Circuit's affirmance of the Wisniewski decision came not a day too soon. Now, some arrests have been made in what is alleged to be a Columbine copycat conspiracy at Connetquot High School on Long Island. It is now a criminal matter, but even more importantly, the Connetquot school administrators now have rock-solid legal footing to keep the alleged terrorists away from the school.

C. R.I.P., Officer Timoshenko:

NYPD Officer Russel Timoshenko has succumbed to his wounds received when he was arresting some car thief thugs. The charges against the three suspects, now in custody after a wide manhunt, will certainly be upgraded to include murder.

The two fugitive suspects were apprehended in Pennsylvania, and brought back to New York. Dexter Bostic, the alleged triggerman on Officer Timoshenko, was restrained by Timoshenko's own handcuffs, and Robert Ellis, who allegedly shot Timoshenko's partner, Officer Herman Yan, was restrained by Yan's handcuffs. Officer Yan's bulletproof vest saved his life, and I am grateful to report that he is out of the hospital and recovering. The alleged driver, Lee Woods, was captured very shortly after the shooting. He would be the logical guy with whom to work for a plea bargain in exchange for testimony.

Predicting the future is a very tricky business, but you would do well to put your money down on the following:

1. Bostic and Ellis will spend the remainder of their lives behind bars.

2. Woods might or might not eventually taste freedom again, but he will be out of circulation for quite some time.

3. I will be following the developments in what promise to be very long and protracted legal proceedings against the suspects.

4. Officer Timoshenko's NYPD colleagues will be following those legal proceedings even more diligently and exactingly than I will.

Officer Timoshenko may be gone, but it seems that his handcuffs are still doing their duty. Rest in Peace!

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