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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ranting about Officer Timoshenko

There is the website (more specifically, a message board) called the NYPD Rant. As the title implies, it is a place for malcontent NYPD cops (and their following) to whine and piss and moan and complain.

The NYC administration and the and NYPD top brass are not too comfortable about the NYPD Rant's existence because it does not show the positive aspects of the NYPD. I myself have mixed feelings about it, but if I had to choose yea or nay, I would have to come down in favor of allowing it to continue. The following factors are what sway my vote:

1. I myself am party to various Internet discussion groups whose purpose is to exchange information regarding matters of mutual concern in academia. As often as not, these groups are also rant rooms for the members, and in fact, my own rantings are above the group average.

2. There is such thing as freedom of expression, and while freedoms of expression do have various limits, NYPD cops have certainly not waived ALL of their rights to free expression.

3. If you sift through all of the negativity and whining and pissing and moaning and complaining, the NYPD Rant page really does provide better and more current info than the official NYC and NYPD websites.

Case in point: When and where are funeral services for Officer Timoshenko? Not on the NYPD official page!

This posting today by a Ranter who goes by the handle "Rob Roy 777" cogently points out the NYPD Rant's superior and speedier reporting of the news and info than the so-called "Official" websites. Rob Roy asks, "If the Rant can honor Oficer Timoshenko … WHY CAN'T THE CITY'S OWN WEB PAGE? OR EVEN THE POLICE DEPARTMENT'S?"

I have my issues with Rudy Giuliani. He is pro-same gender marriage, pro-abortion and anti-ferret. He cross-dresses. And his administration's handling of the murder of Gidone Busch by NYPD cops was an absolute disgrace (on this issue, I definitely do not side with the NYPD). But the reason I am now considering him for my vote in the upcoming Presidential election (actually, none of the candidates have yet made their case to me) is that he understands (1) there is a war going on, (2) our enemies are fighting that war against us, (3) we had damn well be fighting a war against said enemies, and (4) the war needs to be fought in the news media as well as on the battlefield and in the streets.

If NYC and the NYPD are to win the battle in the news media, they must establish themselves as a credible and reliable source of information. This they have not really done. And so, if I want info regarding something like the particulars for Officer Timoshenko's funeral, I SHOULD be able to get it at the official NYC and NYPD websites. But I can't, so I and everyone else must go to such sleazy joints as the NYPD Rant website in order to get good info.

If the NYC administration and the NYPD top brass are really, REALLY uncomfortable with the NYPD Rant, then they have themselves to blame for its existence. People wouldn't go there if the official websites were more reliable and timely.

And, lest we forget, Rest in Peace, Officer Timoshenko!

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