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Sunday, September 02, 2007


Yesterday at shul, the Rabbi made several comments. It was particularly crowded, as was expected, given that the Rabbi and Rebbitzen had lots of guests for their daughter's Bat Mitzvah.

One of the things the Rabbi mentioned was that it is now the Month of Elul, and we should not wait until Yom Kippur to grant mechilah (forgiveness) to all who have wronged us during the year.

I asked the Rabbi whether we are required to forgive people who continue to keep on wronging us. He assured me that just because I forgive you for doing something to me yesterday doesn't necessarily mean that I am forgiving you for doing it to me again tomorrow.

And so, I hereby grant mechilah (reserving, of course, the right to collect monetary debts owed) to any and all who have wronged me during this past year. When you seek forgiveness from G-d, you can now tell Him that you have resolved your wrongs against me, and that he should not punish you on my account.

I also take this opportunity to ask mechila from any and all I may have wronged during the year.

And I intend to continue to pay off all of my monetary debts on or ahead of schedule.

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