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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Whose Government do They Work For?

We're in the Holy City of Jerusalem, where we are scheduled to remain until our departure back to the States. The particulars of our visit here are beyond the pale of this blog; suffice it to say that it has been and continues to be a wonderful experience.

It is noted that the shmucks at the State Department have done it again! According to a Jerusalem Post article by Ruth Eglash, US citizens in Israel now have to wait 6 months just to register a birth of a child under the new "appointments only" system at the US Consulate. Which makes the appointments a commodity of value, ergo the inevitable trafficking in appointments.

It is parenthetically noted that the State Department has been anti-Jewish and pro-Arab at least since 1815, when Secretary of State (and later, President) James Monroe removed Mordecai Noah as US Consul to Tunis because Noah was Jewish. They have been pandering to the Muslims ever since.

In any event, isn't the function of the State Department supposed to be to serve the needs and interest of Americans? How can such delays promote the best interests of America? And what message is being sent to other nations, friend or foe, when the consulates of the US State Department does not protect and serve Americans?

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