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Monday, February 04, 2008

Healing Rabbi Weinberg

Healing Rabbi Weinberg

Rabbi Weinberg is one of my heroes. I shall not go into the details of my personal connection with him, other than to say that we have personally met on two occasions, the last of them being over 20 years ago, and that, for various reasons, he has had a very positive effect upon my life and upon many in my family.

Now, he is ill, and needs our spiritual help. Accordingly, I direct everyone to the Aish website for further details. Go and do what you need to do!

My comment: Many people have a severe aversion to using the word "cancer," and accordingly, will use terms such as "the dreaded disease" or the like. The Aish website only discloses that Rabbi Weinberg has "a serious illness." This may or may not be cancer, and for my purposes, the Rabbi's particular diagnosis is irrelevant.

Cancer is the one disease of adults which is actually curable (at least some forms)! People with diabetes or heart disease or pulmonary diseases may be able to control their afflictions, but they almost never are actually cured. The phobias surrounding cancer serve to impede a clear understanding of the malady amongst the general public. The way I see things, a frank and direct public approach to cancer would result in a higher cure rate.

Whatever the nature of Rabbi Weinberg's ailment, I wish him a refuah shleima, a complete and speedy recovery.



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