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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Other Job Opening in Albany

In keeping with usual practice, I shall forgo the "me, too" postings regarding the Spitzer affair, though please be assured that I (a) am gratified to see an arrogant and power-mad control freak get his come-uppance; (b) sympathize with the prime victims of the crime, namely the wife and 3 daughters; and (c) am getting plenty of smiles in with the Eliot Spitzer jokes and limericks which have already begun to make their way around space and cyberspace.

One ironic aspect of the Spitzer story which isn't receiving much attention, however, is the appearance of the following classified employment ad on page 41 of the New York Law Journal of Monday, 11 March 2008, the very day the Spitzer story broke in the news:

Assistant Counsel to the Governor

The New York State Governor's Office seeks candidates for the position of Assistant Counsel to the Governor, in Albany, NY. The Governor's Counsel's Office provides legal advice to the Governor and Executive Chamber staff, drafts and negotiates bills, aids in the implementation of policy agency initiatives, oversees significant litigation, and provides advice on bills presented for approval. Candidates must be admitted to practice law in NY; possess superior writing, interpersonal and negotiating skills; work well within a small group; and be willing to dedicate long hours to complex matters. Other governmental experience and a minimum of 5 years of legal practice is preferred. E-mail resumes by March 14, 2008 to: acjob@chamber.state.ny.us. EOE


"provides legal advice to the Governor."

I think that Mr. Spitzer will now need plenty of that!
And what are the odds that Silda will engage (or already has engaged) Raoul Lionel Felder?

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