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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Big Dipper update

Update: As this Blog predicted (no great mentalist feat), the Lawrence Reich story has legs.

Newsday stories by Sandra Peddie in today's Newsday include "What did Law Firm Know about Pay Arrangement?" and "Official who Warned Reich now in Roslyn District." Newsday has also posted on its website a link to a smoking gun document indicating that Reich should have known that there may have been a problem with his remuneration arrangements.

And Newsday's regular resident pundit Ellis Henican's column today weighs in on Reich with the alliterative "Lawyer Larry Looks like he's Living Large." I am no fan of Ellis Henican, but this time he's right on the money. And I can just hear the whining letters Newsday will likely get from the fatso lobby, protesting Henican's observations regarding obesity.

The Larry Reich story isn't going to go away any time soon. But Larry might -- To a facility such as Allenwood, Danbury or Otisville.

Sit back and enjoy the fireworks!



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