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Monday, February 25, 2008

Driving Without a License & Judging with Too Much License

On 20 December 2007, Village Justice Thomas Liotti, the part-time judiciary official in the Village of Westbury, Nassau County, New York, threw out the unlicensed driving charge against illegal alien Rafael Quiroga-Puma because, reasoned Liotti, the New York statute which requires licensure unconstitutionally discriminates against illegal aliens such as Quiroga-Puma. Many of the real Americans in the blogosphere appropriately got upset over Liotti's decision.

But Liotti sustained the driving while uninsured charges against Quiroga-Puma in the aforementioned 20 December 2007 judgment, and now Quiroga-Puma has to reappear in Liotti's court.

Well, not quite! Quiroga-Puma's attorney made a big deal about the negative publicity the 20 December 2007 decision evoked from the real Americans, and built an argument that his client would be in peril of danger to his person were he to physically appear in the court. In response to Quiroga-Puma's attorney's concerns, Liotti issued another procedural opinion, which is:

A. A well-reasoned analysis of Quiroga-Puma's situation;
B. A rant to justify his 20 December 2007 decision;
C. A cogent argument for the New York State Legislature to make the Village Justice Courts more physically secure;
D. An egotistical self-laudatory screed designed to boost Liotti's political aspirations;
E. A well-written and interesting piece of reading.

The answer: F. All of the above.

Liotti's opinion dated 12 February 2008, which excuses Quiroga-Puma from physically appearing in Liotti's courtroom for the proceedings on the uninsured driving charge, can be accessed here.

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