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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Nitwits at Times Square

Without going into the details, it suffices to say that many years ago, after one evening of profligate youthful indiscretion, I resolved to stay away from Times Square on New Year's Eve (unless I had a viable remunerative business motive such as selling trinkets or picking pockets). I continue to eschew such public revelry, whether at Times Square or other venues. Trust me, such situations do not abound with sound intelligent reasoning!

Over the years, the events at such gatherings have continued to validate my decision to stay away.

For example, the following article in the New York Law Journal:

"Eviction From Hotel Found Not Cause of New Year's Accident" by Daniel Wise, New York Law Journal, 22 April 2008, page 1.

The relevant facts are recited in Judge Kahn's opinion (with citations omitted to facilitate reader ergonomics):

"Plaintiff Jeffrey Dagen ("Plaintiff") made reservations and paid for two rooms at the New York Marriott Marquis in Times Square, New York City for the nights of December 31, 2004 and January 1, 2005 for a total cost of approximately $4,000. Plaintiff and his four guests checked into the hotel and ordered food and alcoholic beverages from room service at several points during the evening of December 31st. Room service continued delivering the orders until shortly before midnight. Following a disturbance in or around Plaintiff’s rooms involving Plaintiff and his party, Plaintiff and his guests were told to leave the hotel and Plaintiff was escorted out of the hotel by police officers. Plaintiff then proceeded to his pickup truck, parked in a parking garage about six or seven blocks away. Plaintiff did not seek alternative lodging for
the night. Plaintiff did not stop to buy coffee, and never considered stopping in a coffee shop or similar establishment to rest. Plaintiff left New York City and drove toward Latham, New York on the Taconic Parkway because he misread the signs to the Thruway, despite having traveled to New York City several times per year over the previous few years, including through the Taconic Parkway at least one or two times per year in 2003 and 2004.

Plaintiff drove approximately ninety miles on the Taconic Parkway without incident or difficulty and without stopping for coffee or rest or to seek lodging. As he approached the exit ramp for the Town of Taghkanic, Plaintiff decided to exit the Parkway to get gas for his truck. After about 100 yards on the exit ramp, Plaintiff reached a slippery part of the road, lost control of the car and skidded off the exit ramp, ultimately hitting a tree. Plaintiff admitted that he was driving at 65 miles per hour immediately before he attempted to exit the Parkway, or 10 miles over the speed limit. The New York state trooper who responded to the scene found that the roadway conditions were wet and glistening and that Plaintiff was traveling at an unsafe speed for these road conditions.

Plaintiff seeks damages from Defendants for personal injuries sustained in the collision on the theory of negligence. Defendants’ motion for partial summary judgment seeks to dismiss the negligence claim."

My take on it: This guy must really, really, be a nitwit par excellence if he was able to get himself expelled from the New York Marriott Marquis Hotel! Especially on New Year's Eve, when the general standard of decorum in the neighborhood deteriorates to a level just above lawlessness and anarchy!
The folks at the New York Times are not the only nitwits at Times Square!

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